Why Should You Choose Lumineers?

  • Fatima
  • 04-07-2019

Why Should You Choose Lumineers?

At the beginning of this century, aesthetic invaded the medical domain; it is the meeting of art and science, of beautiful and aesthetic; the fact that good is within normal limits and the genuine is within logical limits. It is all from the senses that a feeling of pleasure is awaken. A good definition of the beautiful is anything we can add or remove without making any damage.

Since antiquity, all the philosophers looked into the search of beautiful, such as God and the Truth, which engendered a never-ending quarrel about real beauty and ideal beauty. Beauty exists well and truly in nature.

For the idealist philosophers Hollywood Smile, the beauty would be a sublimation of our spirit. Platon thinks that the real beauty exists and it is a copy of what our soul will know thereafter; while for Kant, beauty does not exist outside us.

In our epoch, we admit the two concepts: the real beautiful and the ideal beautiful Hollywood Smile. All contemporary sociologists agree on the relativity of beauty, but the beauty of a smile will be more discussed between a professional and a profane. A beautiful smile is appreciated worldwide.

Teeth will be qualified as beautiful if their forms, proportions, color, texture and aligning are harmonious. A smile will be considered beautiful if there is a harmonious integration of the smile elements on the whole, which will be perceived aesthetically; and if the perception of the beautiful is probably relative at an individual level, it is even more at the community level. That is how the canons of beauty change according to epochs and societies.

The beauty of teeth and the place it occupies in our life is a new notion, whereas teeth have been since antiquity a source of pain, discomfort and disturbance. Nobody knew how to treat bad teeth. This maybe explains that teeth did not exist in painting as the centuries go by; this might simply be the smile secret of La Joconde of Da Vinci that a lot has been written about.

Throughout all the literature of last centuries, pretty mouths were described as ornate with small teeth that look like pearls. When today it is not really this type of teeth we can appreciate.

At the beginning of this century, actresses and singers presented all the same profiles, namely tight and thin lips and they showed themselves rarely smiling in pictures and posters; this type of profile maybe looked like austerity and privation which were a must at that time. Then arrived the sixties, years of happiness and men preferred blond women; it was Marilyn Monroe and «And God Created the Woman» with Brigitte Bardot. Profiles were changed, beauty became with a convex profile; full lips are not hidden but we are trying to have them. Teeth must be big, white, visible and straight, which is very appreciated by most of our contemporaries; as we can see the majority of singers, top models and actresses who look like this type of profile.

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Today, everybody likes to look more beautiful, younger and as the visual Medias invaded our daily life, we all want to resemble to the shown models. Aesthetic became closely connected to fashion and technology which became an increasing request from our contemporaries, has been oriented to an aesthetic dentistry including the most important techniques such as whitening of teeth and veneers.

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